The Three Testaments Companion: Torah, Gospel, Quran and More contains background on the Three Testaments text, three study guides, a color coded chart of the Sources of the Pentateuch and an illustrated series of spectacular tombs germane to this study.

The study guides have been prepared for congregational and community study groups and for university and seminary classes, to be adapted by the instructors.

The Sources of the Pentateuch chart is an attractive foldout illustrating the basic JEDP  “Documentary Hypothesis,” back in vogue these days with hints of alternate theories and additional information.

The pictures of the tombs of the prophets of Israel show historic sites, mainly maintained by Islamic trusts and Muslim communities, though some are now under control of the government of Israel. This series is a dramatic presentation of rarely seen sites from the art collection of the Kligfield estate which is the source of all artwork associated with the Three Testaments text with the exception of the calligraphy.

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