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The Plot Thinnins ...

September 4, 2012
There is a press release on my website that you are encouraged to offer to your local media. It's under the Three Testaments bar at

You already know about the quick endorsements of Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran last week by Library Journal in New York and Publishers’ Weekly in Chicago. But the third review was perhaps just as important, coming from the Ponoka News in small town Alberta, because that’s the kind of place a book has to sell to become a bestseller. A writer who can make it there can make it anywhere.

So the launch tour hits all the big centers because that’s how to do a launch tour, but this is an invitation to readers in all the Ponokas we cannot possibly visit, who hold the fate of this book in their hands, and with it the “statement” it makes about mutual respect among the members of Abraham’s family and others in North America.

David Bruce, one of the contributing writers, has come up with a plan whereby your book purchases might boost the visibility of Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran in the book market industry, which is extremely “competitive,” to use the most polite term available.

David suggests that if we buy copies for ourselves, family, friends or colleagues, we do all together in September, and we do so by all buying from so that 3T may make its way to visibility on one of the three top bestseller lists. The other two lists are the New York Times and Book Sense, with Amazon number three but accessible to us all, and widely noted in the trade.

The retail price of 3T is $59.95 US but Amazon always has a good discount, even better this time after a two week price war over our book with Barnes and Noble. The price touched $39.95 briefly before they seemed to settle it at $41.86 in both outlets, where it sits for today at least. So perhaps we can have some fun even as we use our influence to make a statement, drawing public attention to the notion that religious people can get along together after all.

As for me, I am on book tour this month, meeting with an anticipated 3,000 participants in about 40 small, medium and large launch parties. David will be at many of them, pushing his idea, at least in NY, DC and Toronto, and the idea may spread. I wish you could be there, but if you cannot get away from Ponoka, then perhaps join in through drawing attention to Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran if you decide to buy a few copies.

I’ll offer brief blog updates from each city, but meanwhile, if you'd like to see what Canada's main Catholic paper says about 3T it's at

Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown