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Three Testaments / Four Testaments Survey

May 22, 2017

It would be extremely helpful if all or most of those receiving this blog (my contacts or colleagues of contributors to my books) would reply to any or all of these questions by email to please and thank you.

1. You are interested in this area of study but have you yet to acquire one of these books for yourself? 

2. Do you use 3T, 4T or both outside a formal academic environment?

3. Are either 3T or 4T or both on an academic reading list with which you are associated?

4. Are either 3T or 4T or both on a recommended reading list that you know about?

5. Are 3T or 4T or both required reading in your academic environment?

6. Have you recommended 3T or 4T or both to colleagues?

7. Would boxed sets of 3T and 4T paperbacks together at a discount seem like an attractive prospect to you?


While this is by no means required in answers, we would also be interested to know the religious affiliation of the congregation, institute, school, seminary or university with which you are associated.

These two volumes vie with the Norton Antheology of World Religions as the leading sources of study resources in this field.  While prefering our approach of using complete scriptures rather than excerpts, we admire the Norton publishing style and the marketing of its material in boxed sets (hard cover volumes). Any guidance or assistance you might offer would be appreciated.

Rowman and Littlefield have their own sources of information, but they have expressed interest in knowing the thoughts of those in my personal circle or blogosphere.



Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown