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Critical Analysis of Scripture and What                               (Image Missing)
the Qur’an Reveals About the Bible
by Brian Arthur Brown
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235 pp. paper, features a foreword by
Joy Abdul-Mohan with Justus Baird,
Walter Brueggemann & Amir Hussain
Supported by the Web site at
which features downloadable
charts and diagrams providing
forensic evidence for critical
analysis of the Scriptures.
Forensic Scriptures, by Canadian author Brian Arthur Brown, is a sequel to his 2007 NOAH’S OTHER SON: Bridging the gap Between the Bible and the Qur’an from T&T Clark / The Continuum Group. For the book launch visit .
A launch conference hosted by The Riverside Church in New York, supported by a consortium of seminaries of many faiths, and interfaith organizations from across America, Canada and the Caribbean, and led by panelists like Max Stackhouse and Phyllis Trible; Mahmoud Ayoub, Amir Hussain and Laleh Bakhtiar; Carol Meyers and Ellen Frankel, featured forty presenters in six events over three days, May 15-17, 2009.
Forensic Scriptures presents a multi-colored chart which transforms the old Documentary Hypothesis about sources of the Pentateuch into documentary evidence in forensic style. These critical techniques, first developed for the study of the Jewish Torah, are then applied to the New Testament in a summary of twentieth century scholarship which concludes with an engaging new proposition concerning the authorship of “Q,” a source used by Matthew and Luke in the composition of their gospels. Finally applying these same techniques & respected Islamic methods of analysis, Brown introduces five women in Muhammad’s household who wrote down the revelations given to the prophet by Allah, a women’s lit advance of special interest to Christian and Jewish women.
As faith relations replace race relations, and as terrorism replaces communism as the hot button issues of the twenty-first century, Brown reminds us of the role of faith communities in those prior struggles, and suggests that the forensic science of scriptural analysis may be a resource the world needs and a source of renewal among the religions. Hans Küng has famously remarked that the world cannot find peace until the religions find peace, and Brown contends that a critical understanding of the scriptures of what he calls “the dysfunctional family of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar” is the place to begin.


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