Rev. Joy Abdul-Mohan is alphabetically first among 21 presenters, a Trinidad & Tobago Senator, Presbyterian minister and former Theological College principal who was a participant at the event in New York in 2009, getting this ball rolling.


Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar (Muslim Contributor in Three Testaments) Senior Editor of Kazi Islamic Publications, translator / editor of The Sublime Quran, the first English translation by a female Islamic scholar, famous for critical exegesis of Quran 4:34.


Dr. Marc Z. Brettler (Jewish Contributor to Three Testaments) Professor of Judaic Studies at Duke Univ., esteemed editor of The New Oxford Annotated Bible, co-editor of The Jewish Annotated New Testament, distinguished Interfaith lecturer.


Dr. David Bruce (Three Testaments, Three Testaments Companion, Four Testaments & Seven Testaments) RC Archdiocese of Toronto, author: Jesus 24/7 series from United Church Publishing House and Resurrection of History from Wipf & Stock.


Henry Carrigan (Christian Contributor to Three Testaments) original publisher of Noah’s Other Son, occasional writer for Christian Century magazine, music and book reviewer for many other magazines, and manuscript consultant for writers.


Rev. Dr. James Christie, Professor of Whole World Ecumenism and Dialogue Theology, former University of Winnipeg Dean of Theology, President of the Canadian Council of Churches & member of planning team for G8/G20 Interfaith Fora


Rev. Dr. Francis X. Clooney SJ (Christian Contributor to Four Testaments) Director of the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard University with a respected Comparative Theology perspective specializing in Hinduism.


Ellen Frankel (Jewish Contributor to Three Testaments) Editor Emerita and past CEO of the Jewish Publication Society, author of The Five Books of Miriam: A Woman's Commentary on the Torah,and librettist for recent anti-racism operas.


Dr. Richard Freund (Jewish Contributor to Four Testaments) Professor of Jewish History at the University of Hartford, author of 6 books, 100 scholarly articles, appeared in 15 TV documentaries as “America’s most famous archaeologist.”


Cyril Glassé (Muslim Contributor to Four Testaments) identified as a Jewish convert to Islam, pre-eminently known as the editor of the authoritative Encyclopedia of Islam, Glassé is also a definitive authority on Manicheism and Mithraism.


Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton (Christian Contributor to Seven Testaments) A respected ecumenist, the long serving Executive Secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches is currently the co-chair of the Parliament of the World’s Religions.


Dr. Amir Hussain (Muslim Contributor to Three Testaments) Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount in LA, the editor of Journal of American Academy of Religion who appeared with Morgan Freeman on NGTV’s The Story of God.


Dr. Harry Jolanthropologist at the University of Wisconsin, literally “wrote the book” on Ground Penetrating Radar Theory and Applications. Part of Freund’s 2016 team locating the holocaust escape tunnel from the Ponar burial pits in Lithunia.


Dr. Victor H. Mair (Jewish Taoist Contributor to Four Testaments) Distinguished Sinologist at University of Pennsylvania, edited Columbia History of Chinese Literature, specialist in Taoism’s Tao Te Ching scripture, authority on magi in China.


Dr. Nevin Reda (Muslim Contributor to Three Testaments) Assistant Professor of Muslim Studies at Emmanuel College, U. Toronto, author of al-Baqara Crescendo: Understanding the Qur’an’s Style, Narrative Structure and Running Themes.


Dr. Michelle Voss Roberts Principal, Emmanuel Theological College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto, is a specialist in Hindu-Christian comparative theology and is currently exploring how multifaith theological education enables participants to become deeply rooted in their own traditions while studying alongside people of other faiths.


Rev. Dr. Bhante Saranapala (Buddhist Contributor to Seven Testaments) Known as “The Urban Monk,” Saranapala is the Buddhist Chaplain at University of Toronto and visiting lecturer at Emmanuel College there, and at related seminaries.


Kersi ShroffZoroastrian interfaith activist; Attorney at Law; Chief, Western Law Division U.S. Library of Congress (retired)


Dr. Arvind Sharma (Hindu Contributor to Four Testaments) Professor of Comparative Religion at McGill University, author of over 50 books and 500 articles, and editor of Our Religions as cited in Four Testaments chapter headings.


Rev. William Thomas Bill is the playwright for Older Testaments: Encounters on the Way. He is a minister at St. John’s Stevensville United Church and completing his doctorate at the Colgate-Rochester-Crosier Divinity School.


Rev. Cheryl Wood-Thomas was the Artistic Director for premier performances of Three Testaments: Shalom, Peace, Salam, also in ministry at St. John’s Stevensville United Church and completing a doctorate at Northeastern Seminary.