Foundational Endowments to be established by the United Church Foundation on behalf of congregations will be designed to provide a significant second stream of annual income to congregations and communities of faith in a new system of fiscal management for the second century of denominational life.

The goal, hope and prayer of the United Church Foundation is that on Pentecost Sunday morning, every member or family will make a special offering of at least $10. to establish or enhance their own congregation’s endowment fund, along with larger gifts as part of a multi-million-dollar endowments to benefit local churches in the second century.

The goal for Sunday evening is the establishment of a million-dollar Indigenous Church endowment through gifts of $10. or more from members and families in 500 or more clustered services.  On Monday evening the goal is the raising of one million dollars to start an endowment for Mission in Canada to support new diaspora congregations from Africa and Asia.  On Tuesday, June 10, the Foundation hopes to raise an already established endowment fund for l’Église Unie du Canada over the one-million-dollar mark.

Offering envelopes for these anniversary projects will be supplied by the United Church Foundation to every congregation, whether participating in the clustered services or not, in the hope that all members of the United Church will rise to this challenge of launching a new era in church financing for the second century of our denomination.