Born in 1942 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Brian Arthur Brown was raised in a Christian household in which a congregation of the United Church of Canada was a second home to “the widow and the fatherless” after the death of his dad at an early age. His first internship in training for a career in ministry was in Montreal where he met, fell in love with and eventually married Jenny Sutacriti Gosine from Trinidad. Jenny shared an Indian and Hindu heritage which contributed immeasurably to Brian’s world view and spiritual development. Two children, Arthur Ishwar and Indira Lilawati Margaret, together with their Canadian partners, have provided nine grandchildren currently aged 1 to 35, keeping the Browns in close rapport with societal trends through close relationships and participation in projects related to Brian’s writing. Jenny and Brian live in a rambling four story home in the classic American-Four-Square architectural style, a centre for familial and collegial undertakings within earshot of the thunderous Niagara Falls.