Keys to The Kindom
Brian Arthur Brown describes the programs The United Church of Canada Foundation is sponsoring for congregations in 2025
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The Untied Church of Canada

For its grand finale, Wood Lake Publishing commissioned United Church minister and author Brian Arthur Brown to do "curricula" for the 100th anniversary for congregations. Beginning with 20 such communities of faith, responsibility for this program was assumed by The United Church of Canada Foundation, with its partners UCRD, The United Church Bookstore, and NOW (Niagara Online Worship). They'll be in touch to hook up every congregation willing to participate in 100th anniversary activities at the local level in congregational clusters.

UCRD & United Church Bookstore
NOW (Niagara Online Worship)
The United Church Foundation
Interfaith books also available from Amazon, Rowman & Littlefield and good bookstores everywhere
Brian Arthur Brown
Brian Arthur Brown