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A Revelation

December 28, 2009
Having worked with the topic for some months, I had built the argument for giving greater weight to Zoroastrianism as a background contributor to Hebrew, Christian and Muslim Scriptures, based largely on new evidence from the Quran, and also on the reasonable presumption of a warm mutuality between Jewish and Zoroastrian priests in Babylon. But I was frustrated at the apparent lack of hard evidence of this from the Torah itself. On the night of November 21, 2009 I went to bed with this concern on my mind and in my prayers, and a “revelation” was given to me in the middle of that night. This might seem like a strange occurrence for a moderate mainstream Protestant, but it is not beyond imagining that God revealed to me that some form of the name of Zoroaster is indeed found in the Hebrew Scriptures.
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown