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The 3T Double Helix Hexology

July 27, 2013
In literary jargon, a hexology is obviously a series of six works, but the phrase “double helix hexology” was coined by Phil Plait, the Science Host for the Discovery Channel in his January 27, 2011 blog. His entry on the relationship between The first Star Wars trilogy and the second Star Wars trilogy, intertwined as they are, forward and back, points to the symbiotic relationship between the Three Testaments trilogy (Noah’s Other Son, Forensic Scriptures and Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran) and the upcoming 3T Companion trilogy, (Three Testaments Companion, Some Year in Jerusalem, and The Dead Zee Scrolls). The first trilogy is focused tightly on the scriptures; the second trilogy consists of a study guide, a three act drama, and some ground breaking research. The play is possibly the pièce de résistance of the second trilogy, though scholarly colleagues appear to be eagerly anticipating The Dead Zee Scrolls, given their interest in recent discoveries of ancient Zoroastrianism documents in Western China.
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown