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A Sample of Things to Come

November 22, 2010

More than half of the book, Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran, is actually made up of those three Scriptures. In addition, there are six commentators who will have written something over 30,000 words, some of which I have shared on this blog site, and other samples are about ready for you to see. For the last few months I have been blogging about the current cultural context: aborted book burnings, Ground Zero projects, and the exhibition of scriptural texts at the New York Public Library. I mentioned that the first drafts of my contextual contributions are all complete and folks have emailed to request a sneak peek, since I have shared nothing of my own for about a year. Accordingly, to give you all a feel for how it turns out, this month I share a page from the epilogue with which the work concludes – about as much as anyone wants to read in a blog entry.

Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown