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Interesting details about Rowman & Littlefield

June 28, 2011

Jenny and I spent most of last week in Washington where we did tourist things and talked with the Canadian Ambassador about the Embassy hosting a book launch in Washington for politicians, diplomats and national religious leaders. Most importantly I signed the contracts and spent some "quality time" with Sarah Stanton, editor at Roman and Littlefield, plus three other key people in production, special sales and marketing, Jin Yu, Lynsey Weston and Kim Lyons.

Three Testaments will be well produced in a 7 x 10 inch format, to allow the Scriptures to fit into two columns, each of the three on a little over 100 oversized pages. The whole compendium, at that size, may require something a little over 600 pages, half Scripture and half commentary. It will be a hefty and handsome volume in a hardcover, at an affordable price – probably a free copy for you.

Last month I had a few inquiries about Rowman & Littlefield, so here is an over-simplified list of their imprints and areas of publication:

AltaMira - Humanities and the Arts

Bridge Works - Literary Fiction

Cooper Square - Performing Arts

Cowley - Episcopal Publications

Derrydale - Sports

Government Institutes - Law and Regulation

Ivan R. Dee - Popular Culture

Jason Aronson - Psychotherapy

Lexington - Business

M. Evans - Cooking

Madison - Film and other Media

SR Books - Scholarly Research

R&L Press - Special Interest Bestsellers

R&L Education - Textbooks and Teaching

Robert Rinehart - American West

Scarecrow - Reference and General Interest

Sheed & Ward Roman Catholic Publications

Taylor - Health

Univ. Press of America - Several university presses operate under the aegis of R&L

Richard Fruend’s popular Digging through the Bible (archaeology) and Islam on the Street (popular Muslim culture) by Muhsin al-Musawi are among their best known Jewish and Muslim books of late. Rowman & Littlefield is the publisher of The Inclusive Bible, the most successful of several recent inclusive translations. It is the preferred text of Lauren Mayfield, worship coordinator at The Riverside Church in New York, and sets a new standard in inclusiveness with a profound rationale of that agenda.

With Sheed & Ward in particular, the following giants in the field of religion have been published by Rowman & Littlefield: G.K. Chesterton, Dorothy Day, Hans Küng, Clare Boothe Luce, Jacques Maritain, Francois Mauriac, and Edward Schillebeeckx. In recent years, Rowan Williams, Daniel Berrigan, Joan Chittister and Andrew Greeley are among their best known Christian authors.

Rowman & Littlefield is also the publishing partner for the Smithsonian Institution and several other agencies. We are privileged to have R&L Press, the flagship of the group,
as our publisher.

Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown