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October 15, 2011
Hi Everybody

I will soon have finished two and a half years of this blog since our shared event in New York in May of 2009. Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran is moving into the production phase. In about six months there will be a "virtual launch" online, followed next September by a seven city launch tour beginning at Ground Zero in New York, the Canadian Embassy in Washington, and on to Dallas, LA, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto.

In the meantime I plan to move to a more professional blog style, with a little help from friends, and I ask you to send me the names of any of your friends and colleagues who might like to join us for the last lap of this marathon. There are about 270 scholars and students getting this now (plus a few of my own friends and family). Your colleagues, friends and family would be elegible to receive a free copy of the book (a $40. value, just for paying the postage) from the publisher to help us get it out there. Just send me their names and email addresses to my email address (reply to the Blog Alert), with their permission.

A few of you joined us near the beginning, not by being with us in New York but at the recommendation of a friend who was there. We would like to expand the circle to about 500 in an online community anticipating the historic event of this book's launch. To gain their interest, you might introduce them to the diagram in the box under "Join the Conversation" on my website (called The Revelations of Allah in the Holy Quran). You saw it earlier in a blog, and to me it looks technical, but it has generated a lot of interest. We can promise that most of the book will be a "good read," in addition to the historic aspect of publishing these three scriptures together for the first time.

Later in November you will receive a blog entry by clicking directly on your email screen, but in the meanwhile you are welcome to invite others to the lead up to, and virtual launch of, what one Rabbi has called "possibly the most important book of the twenty first century so far." We'll announce all the endorsers and launch tour activities in the coming blog entries, once your friends are on board. They may be scholars, students or just sharp minds who may see the value in what we are doing.

Shalom, Peace, Salam

Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown