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Eleventh Anniversary of 9/11: Muslims, Christians & Jews Enter New Era

January 11, 2012

Welcome to the Virtual Launch of Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran by
Brian Arthur Brown, from Rowman & Littlefield in print May 2012, with a
foreword by Amir Hussain, editor of the Journal
of the American Academy of Religion
, and contributions by distinguished scholars.


You are now attending the opening
of a nine segment “Virtual Launch” party with almost 1000 other guests. You received your invitation in one of
three ways:

You were in an online community for the past 30
months, monitoring Three Testaments

 You were
chosen by one of those monitor / collaborators engaged in this project, or

 You are a
personal friend or relative of one of the ten contributing writers of this


Three Testaments embodies the full texts of the Torah, the
New Testament and the Quran, the scriptures of Abraham’s family published
together for the first time in history, plus commentary and contextual
chapters. Production begins now for June release & Actual Launch in


Over the nine month gestation from
January to September 2012, you will be privileged to preview media events,
anticipate press conferences, help plan academic seminars, and join the Actual
Launch celebrations if you are close to one of seven cities below where we will

The Eleventh Anniversary of 9/11:
Muslims, Christians and Jews Entering a New Era


September’s Actual Launch features unique major themes & common
minor themes in each city:

New York (Interfaith in the Media) 10:03 am press
conference on September 11 at Ground Zero

Washington (Interfaith in Politics and Diplomacy) International
event at the Canadian Embassy.

Dallas-Ft. Worth(Interfaith in the Seminary) Multi-campus
Symposium at Brite Divinity School

Los Angeles (Interfaith in the Congregation) Interfaith
Shabbat event at the Beth Am Synagogue

San Francisco (Interfaith at University) Bay Area
faculties/students at San Francisco University.

(Interfaith Publishing) symposium for writers and readers in lounge of
Kazi Publishing

Toronto (Interfaith and the Arts) Royal Ontario Museum co-hosted by
Emmanuel College, UofT


The Actual Launch tour of these seven cities in September 2012 will
take place just as reviews appear in print media, university classes start, and
the book market preps for Christmas sales. The tour is sponsored by the Winberg
Foundation of Toronto in cooperation with local organizers in each city.
Scholarly contributors to the book will play key roles in each event, with
Brian Arthur Brown in attendance in each case, along with online collaborators
from those seven cities. In each city there will be media appearances and
visits to university faculty and student lounges, as well as preeminent
churches, synagogues and mosques, supporting the main launch theme with a press
conference and a media event / symposium of 90 minutes in a public venue,
featuring remarks by politicians, media personas, religious leaders and


This Virtual Launch will continue online next month, previewing the
Actual Launch activities beginning with New York, introducing the expected
guests and announcing the rather exciting details. Then city by city, month by
month until September, we only take a break in May to make advance review
copies of the book available to everybody at this Virtual Launch.


We are glad you are
here. Stick around … the party is just starting!

Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown