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Excitement Mounts in Texas Over Plans to Launch THREE TESTAMENTS in Lone Star State

April 27, 2012
Next month’s blog will include an offer of some free copies of Three Testaments to those sharing in this Virtual Launch activity. Meanwhile, as we did with plans for New York and Washington, we offer this preview of actual launch events planned for Texas, with evolving plans for LA, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto coming your way over the summer.

Texas launch for Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran, Sept. 12-13 (Mark Toulouse, Whit Bodman, Lynn Hendricks, Ralph Mecklenberger) Programs in Austin, Dallas and Ft. Worth are sufficiently varied that interfaith advocates may profitably attend one, two or all three. Activities begin on Wednesday at 7:30 pm in the Austin Presbyterian Seminary, featuring a public inclusive symposium with a “National Geographic” level of engagement and ambiance. In Dallas on Thursday a public, media and press conference is set for Thanksgiving Square at 10:00 am., a prelude to the main academic launch event in Ft. Worth at 3:00 pm in the new Harrison Building at Brite Divinity School for Brite, Perkins Seminary, Southern Methodist, Texas Christian and Texas Universities. Beginning with a reception, the afternoon includes a panel moderated by Principal Mark Toulouse of Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, with Ft. Worth Rabbi Ralph Mecklenberger, Brite Professor Shelly Matthews, and Austin’s Professor Whitney Bodman (recent author of Poetics of Iblis), introducing Book I – The Torah, Book II – The Gospel, and Book III – The Quran. Brian Arthur Brown reads from the book on the relationship between Hebrew and Zoroastrian monotheism, verses from The Muslim Jesus, and prayers of Zoroaster as possibly confirmed in the Quran, concluding with book sales & signings.

Next month we’ll also include details of the back cover endorsement blurbs and something about the media response so far in each city as word spreads about “The Scriptures of Abraham’s family being published together for the first time.”
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown