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Your free copy of Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran ... "some conditions apply"

June 21, 2012
Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran, containing the Scriptures of the family of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, together for the first time, is coming your way. The sacred texts are each prefaced and introduced by noted scholars and supported by translators’ notes. The book is graced by a sensitive foreword and includes contextual chapters indicating a possible direction for religious studies in the twenty first century.

The retail price for Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran has finally been set at $59.95, an appropriate price for this complex and finely produced volume. With the cooperation of the publishers, the book launch tour sponsors have arranged to make copies available for $20. at launch events in September. The purpose of this arrangement is to place the book into wide circulation immediately, on a presumption that those assisting with the launch will recommend its classroom use or congregational study, and review or promote the book by whatever means.

This same arrangement is now offered to members of this online blog community in a pre-publication offer that must be exercised before July 6, for shipment on or about July 31. The presumption is that you will read the book and recommend or review it if you find this book to be significant. You may buy one copy at the launch price of $20.00 plus $9.00 shipping, i.e. $29. in total (US or Canadian dollars). July 6 is just fifteen days from the date of this blog entry!

"But wait," as they say in those irritating TV commercials. Order by July 6 and receive a second copy absolutely free for just adding the shipping and handling fee. Those shipping fees are the same as for this book and we can’t seem to do it for less. But we are delighted to provide the first book at that “incredibly low price” and the second “absolutely free,” a $139.90 value for just $38.

It really is such a bargain that I could not help using that TV sales language, but in this case you will be truly pleased with two copies of what has turned out to be a great book, with the assistance of so many of you. On your behalf, let me to thank the tour sponsors for the books and Carleton United Church people for doing the work behind this “special offer.”


Please mail your cheque for $38. with your address to:

Carleton United Church

527 Carlton Street

St. Catharines,

Ontario L2M 4X6

(Cheques to “Carleton United Church”- please note different spelling of church and street names.

Again, US and Canadian dollars are calculated at par.)

One particularly esteemed scholar at Harvard Divinity School has done ground-breaking work in biblical interpretation, raised the bar in feminist theology, and undertaken pioneering interfaith work, but rarely offers unqualified endorsements. Too late to be used as a back cover blurb for Three Testaments, though available for some planned advertising, her encouraging words came to the publisher in time for you to appreciate:

Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran invites readers to study the interdependence of the Scriptures claiming the tradition of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar as their heritage. I especially appreciate the use of inclusive language and the voice of wo/men scholars in books I and III introducing the progressive edge of Jewish and Muslim Scriptures. This volume is a very unique and helpful resource for introductory Scripture courses and interreligious dialogue. I highly recommend it.” Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Krister Stendahl Professor, Harvard Divinity School

I will be glad to hear that many of you read, reviewed or passed on a copy, but there is one caveat. Only 200 copies have been reserved for the online community at this price. When that supply is exhausted, Carleton will have to return your cheque. Some of you will be acquiring additional copies in other ways, as will the members of the Carleton congregation, but at that point let me suggest that will be offering discount copies at about $52. plus shipping, etc. for August delivery.

Thank you for your interest and support; we’ll let you know how things are going through the book launch period.

Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown