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August 21, 2009

P.S. and an appetizer for what is to come in August:


A youtube presentation of parts of the wind-up on Sunday morning in New York was produced by Agron Belika, a Muslim conference participant who is keenly supportive of the collaboration on Three Testaments. For those needing introductions to the characters, the clip opens with me referring to the technological miracle of Professor Ayoub "reading," though blind, before a huge crowd at an earlier session in the main theatre. Ayoub speaks and Lisa Sharon Harper of New York Faith and Justice then urges editorial contributions from separate Jewish, Christian and Muslim contributors and next Professor Whitney Bodman of Austin Seminary calls for a cross referencing index to be included. Off camera, Principal Serene Jones of Union Seminary had invited us to consider the use of art to compliment the use of any forensic drawings, and publisher Henry Carrigan, Professors Rod Hutton and Fred Weidmann, and Snowstar Director David Galston each contributed to the parameters of the project. Others appearing in passing are translator Laleh Bakhtiar, diversity consultant Raheel Raza, Professor Ayoub’s wife Lena, my wife Jenny with presenter Indira Sinton in the crowd, and some unidentified participants in the scrums that followed.

To enjoy this five minute presentation just go to and enter Forensic Scriptures in the search field and play … just a brief introduction to the work ahead of us, giving special entrée to those only now “joining the conversation.” A more artistic "slide show" of the same material can be accessed by clicking Forensic Scriptures New York just next to the original


Brian Arthur Brown

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