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Library Journal & Publisher’s Weekly give nod to Three Testaments, Torah, Gospel & Quran.

August 30, 2012
Current issues of both Library Journal and Publisher’s Weekly give thumbs up to Three Testaments, Torah, Gospel and Quran. Neither quite qualifies as a full review, but these two publishing industry guides are so influential that is feels great to have their endorsements on the eve of the book launch tour.

Publishers’ Weekly quotes, “Despite its academic patina, we believe this book may be of great interest to the American public as it moves forward in religious understanding” and Library Journal offers its “VERDICT: General readers and undergraduates with an interest in these monotheistic religions and their sacred writings will find this book to be very helpful.”

This short piece is my usual monthly blog for the end of August, but the September blog will come in just a few days since David Bruce has come up with a way for everyone to share in making things happen during the tour. You’ll also see by the home page that we are planning to tweet you from New York, Washington, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto.

Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown