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Classroom Use of Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran

January 8, 2013
Happy and Blessed New Year to my blog readers!

The last month or so included a holiday season for many, in which it was difficult for us to tell whether orders for 3T were bulk shipments for classroom use or clump shipments for gift giving. For future planning, curiosity, and advertising purposes, it would be helpful for the publisher to know how the book is being used. I have volunteered to find out some of that information from you, my monthly blog recipients.

I am not going to impose another survey questionnaire upon you; you get enough of those. These days nobody uses the comment section for feedback either, but I would treasure an e-mail paragraph to me at to answer some of these questions. I’ll share the answers in a month or so.

Are your orders for

  • Undergrad, Grad or other community?

  • Classroom, seminar or book club?

  • Text, required reading or reading list?

  • Bought from Rowman & Littlefield, Amazon or other?

  • Planed for January, September or when?

  • Hardcover, e-book or choice left to students?

  • Would some of you have need of an Audiobook edition?

  • Any other information you think might be useful?

I know, for instance, in January there is a seminar event that required a shipment to Temple University in Pennsylvania, a lecture series at Otterbein University in Ohio, and a synagogue cluster series in California, so things are happening across America, with rumours of events or plans at various seminaries as well. I pray a blessed 2013 to you all, and pray too that Three Testaments may contribute to the peace and understanding we all seek, and assist you in your important work.
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown