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Paperback Edition of Three Testaments

May 29, 2013
Sarah Stanton, our editor at the Roman & Littlefield Publishing Group, has indicated that the planned Three Testaments paperback edition will be available by the autumn of this year, 2013, somewhat sooner than expected. This comes as a response to demand by some of those intending to organize congregational or community based multifaith study and discussion groups this coming winter. Unfortunately, the first such printing is unlikely to be available for university and seminary classes this fall, but the majority of those programs seem now slated for the 2014 spring semister anyway.

At the present time, we are in negotiation for minor changes in addition to the few typos some of you have noticed in the hardcover edition. Nobody has yet suggested that there are any actual "mistakes" in this book, but there have been requests by senior scholars for a few "clarifications" in the next editions. Anyone wishing such input is welcome to contact me directly at in June. We welcome the members of two new community multifaith study groups to this blog, one in St. Catharines, Ontario (Canada) and the other in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown