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Happening This Fall in the 3T Blogosphere

August 28, 2013
Rowman and Littlefield is bringing out the 3T paperback edition before Christmas break, in time to order for second semester courses at less than half the hard cover price. Requested clarifications of details about Jeremiah among the exiles and Muhammad’s vision of a religiously inclusive Ummah are included. (The latter was featured brilliantly on a three hour PBS special last week, called The Seeker, a perspective as new to many Muslims as to Christians and Jews … catch it on a rerun or google it if you missed it.)

Of equal interest perhaps, and possibly available to you soon but probably not on the market until January, 2014 is The Three Testaments Companion, at $19.95 (US or Canadian) from Kazi Publications (Islamic Books) USA. It is a beautiful folio edition containing three study guides (academic semester, congregational study, and weekend public event) by David Bruce, the master of that genre. David also contributes the forward to this outstanding publication, edited by Laleh Bakhtiar, to be printed by Friesens, and sent on its way to reviewers by Milton Winberg.

Meanwhile work is continuing on a three act play based on dramatic scenes from 3T, booked for production Off Broadway in 2015 from Samuel French Inc. Special thanks to Nevin Reda of Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, and Jonathan Kearney of Trinity College, University of Dublin, for valuable insights and inputs in this theatrical endeavor.

In 2016 we’ll probably return to Rowman & Littlefield who is, at this point, perhaps at least half committed to publishing The Dead Zee Scrolls, triggered by our ruminations in 3T about a possible Zoroastrian connection between our scriptures and the orient. This argument is increasingly supported by exciting news of documents discovered in Uzbekistan, western Tibet and western China by archaeologists and scholars of Zoroastrianism, but we will not publish all we have until some more is released. The complete Zoroastrian Avesta Scriptures may well be unearthed in the next few years, if not already.

Hoping everybody had a refreshing summer; soon it is back to work, though it seems like many of you never stop for long.
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown