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Salient features of the Three Testament Companion

September 10, 2013
Salient features of the Three Testament Companion of interest to many who inquired will occupy this brief blog.

As mentioned last month, the 3TC will be published by Kazi Publishing Inc., the first book by a non-Muslim writer from America’s oldest and largest Islamic publishing house. Kazi notes this in its publicity as perhaps a token of these new times in which interfaith activity is becoming part of the academic landscape, and is moving now into popular culture by this and other means.

The publication date has been moved up to November to provide the study guides (academic, community and congregational) for those introducing programming or courses based on Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran in the new year. (Meanwhile the publication date for the 3T paperback from Rowman & Littlefield has been pushed back to January, though they are managing to bring it out at $29.95 for mass marketing.)

Among the more prominent features of the oversized Companion are the large color charts: A Diagram of the Sources of the Pentateuch and A Diagram of Previous Revelations Confirmed in the Quran, as well as the world release of the Map of the World Centred on Jerusalem Al-Kuds by Len Guelke.

The initial folio edition of the 3T Companion will still be available at $19.95, as previously announced, and Kazi, ever a promoter of the cause, is offering a 50% discount on group or class orders. We’ll have detailed ordering information for this discount available next month, and the expectation is for general availability through all the outlets that stock Three Testaments itself.


Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown