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Three Testamants Companion released on Amazon Today

October 31, 2013
Three Testaments Cover

Three Testaments Companion: Torah, Gospel, Quran and More is now available on Amazon (at $14.22, a generous discount) and should be available in many other places soon. This Companion supports and supplements Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran. It comes just before the release of the 3T paperback by the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, and as a prelude / preview of Three Testaments: Shalom, Peace, Salam – Some Year in Jerusalem, the peace play based on dramatic episodes from the three scriptures, opening next year in NYC.

In addition to its study guides, the Three Testament Companion: Torah, Gospel, Quran and More has additional material of interest, and is intended for two audiences:

  1. The Companion will equip already knowledgeable professors and clergy to be confidently expert in the presentation of classes and programs based on the 3T book in classroom or community, whether introducing the scriptures of Abraham’s family or dealing with the interfaith agenda.

  2. The Companion will also provide students with research opportunities for assignments, as well as dramatic material for “cold readings” by groups in study programs, with a bulk order price offered to facilitate availability, though Amazon also has generous discounts.

Unpublished preliminary reviews are suggesting that the new material on Jewish Tombs maintained by Muslim communities down through the centuries may engage particular interest (part of the “More” in the title). Personally, I am especially pleased with the way the Friesens Press team presented the charts of “previous revelations” inside the front and back cover flaps. Some may consider these charts alone to be “worth the price of admission,” and of particular value in classes focussed exclusively on Hebrew Scripture or Quranic studies.

Aside from the tombs and the charts, I confess to some anxiety about the Companion living up to the standards of the 3T brand. It is difficult to make a “users guide” readable, since it is intended to be an operational manual. Deliberate care has gone into the theological and cultural sensitivities involved in this material, but, as we also experience with “political correctness,” this can lead to a strained reading. My publishing partners and I are hopeful that 3TC lives up to your expectations.
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown