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Production and Publishing Updates

March 31, 2015
Three Testaments Companion is now available as an e-Book from ($9.95), but without the “magnificent” charts on the inside cover flaps of the paperback edition ($19.95) also from Amazon and elsewhere. Both can be equally valuable as study guides in preparation for congregational, community and academic classes using Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran. That “equality” is possible since the charts are downloadable free at to complement the text. Both editions contain excerpts from the play, Three Testaments: Shalom, Peace, Salam.

Staging revisions to the script for the play, are now complete and new editions will be available from the Cyberpress publisher at as well as Amazon, etc. by the end of April (so don’t buy more until then). The dialogue exhibits more of the "conflict" and the staging shows more "action" since our director joined our editors in getting it ready for the stage.

Plans for the play premiere in upstate New York are proceeding on schedule, with the latest news being the signing of Grammy Award winner Frederick B. Owens as our A-list “star” and nearly a hundred applicants for auditions on April 11/12/13 when director Arthur Strimling comes up from NYC to Niagara Falls, NY for a weekend of auditions, call backs and production planning.

I wish that all recipients of this blog were close enough to come to the play … I could get you complementary tickets! For those within driving distance, the dates are June 12 to 21 in Niagara falls, NY, with the daylong conference, The Terror of these Times, on June 13 sponsored by the United Church of Canada, First Baptist Church (the site of both at 554 Main St., Niagara Falls, NY) and co-sponsored by a range of Jewish and Muslim organizations … some wishing not to be identified. To register for the conference or to come to the play from a distance, contact me at and I’ll make arrangements with the organizers.
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown