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A Teaching Aid for Three Testaments Interfaith Classes and Programs

June 30, 2015
Once the producer and the director took over our 3T peace play, as playwright I was "not allowed" to even attend rehearsals, but I found myself in meetings almost every day during rehersals with those two, James Flood and Arthur Strimling, as well as with Stage Director Alison Miculan, Artistic Director Cheryl Wood and frequently with the financial backers of the premiere run who seemed to need constant reassurance about the work and abilities of those professionals. I also shared in meetings with New York state police with respect to widespread anxiety over security regarding the “appearance” of Muhammad in this play.

I had no input with the cast, of international and professional actors as the play ran through most of June in performances which were well attended by the desired mix of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Others in attendance were merely interested in the role religion might have in peace, since military, economic and political solutions seem to be getting nowhere. Front page coverage by the Niagara Gazette newspaper contributed to the success of the play. The dramatic issue for many was the scriptural argument, and the question about why Jews, Christians and Muslims appear unable to live in peace if they know their scriptures.

After recent events in France, Texas and elsewhere, you have to see the play to appreciate the manner in which roles for Muhammad, Fatama and Salman were stage managed with sensitivity to both “free speech” concerns and respect for Islamic principles, to the delight of the many imams in attendance and with the approbation of theatrical critics.

The play script is under revision at both online and Amazon in print, to make it conform to staging improvements by Director Strimling and to make it match both the script on YouTube and the coming DVD. Please DO NOT ORDER MORE SCRIPTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE BY BLOG, probably next month.

To see the YouTube 90 minute production, just go to your YouTube app and enter Three Testaments, Shalom, Peace, Salam. The superior production on DVD will be available on Amazon and elsewhere in August, by which time revised scripts should also be ready … a handy tool for students watching in class or in assignments.
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown