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BEAUTY CONTEST RESULTS (Spiritual Beauty of course)

September 25, 2009
Short blog for September, 2009-09-25
K.C. Hanson at Wipf and Stock publishing has nominated Henry Carrigan to represent the Christian side of the publishing team. Ellen Frankel, Laleh Bakhtiar and Henry Carrigan are therefore confirmed as the writers of three Preface pieces to the three parts of Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel and Quran.
Henry is the Assistant Director and Senior Editor of Northwestern University Press and teaches at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Vocation and Formation in Christian Leadership. He taught New Testament for sixteen years previously and offered thoughtful comments and insights at our Forensic Scriptures conference in New York earlier this year.
The prefaces of these three esteemed colleagues will set the context for my commentaries and three other scholars of note, Jewish, Christian and Muslim, will write larger and substantial Introductions to the three scriptural texts, Torah, Gospel and Quran. Marc Brettler at Brandeis University is expected to do the intro to the Torah, an expansion on his masterful Introduction to the Oxford Jewish Study Bible. Conversations are ongoing in the search for a Christian and a Muslim scholar with just the right fit for the rest of the team and for all you collaborators in the background.
Thanks to many who emailed nominations for these roles; a couple dozen excellent suggestions, all being explored. Stay tuned ... this is the fourth blog entry of a projected 30 or so monthly entries scheduled until publication early in 2012.
Posted by: Brian Arthur Brown